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The minutiae of my day felt interesting and worth sharing. Nothing felt scary anymore. There was just this overwhelming sense that as long as this person was in my corner, everything would be okay. Indeed, talking to actual humans proved to be quite helpful. Are you currently in a relationship? How did you know your partner was right — or not? Have you ever had doubts? How to keep the sparks alive and 12 relationship tips from a wedding reporter. Well i definitely consider that married people are very extremely blessed and lucky when they found love with each other, especially the ones that are still together today.

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Today, feminism is everywhere which makes it very difficult for many of us single men trying to find love now. Some people are just very very extremely lucky and blessed when they found their loved ones. I was in another year long relationship i knew that was doomed from the start. His energy was different from what i have ever felt. Quickly friendship become undeniably intense.

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I have never felt more myself in my entire life. Where i used to twist a story to sound more interesting i suddenly wantsd to strip back and expose my true self and i could feel how genuine he was in return. I feel inlove but kept it to myself. I felt sick with happiness, absolutely frighteningly over joyed. I left the unhonest, unfaithful relationship that I was strugglying to get out of for a year with no second thoughts. Its been 6 years and i still cry with happiness because i can not believe how lucky i am to have found my absolute soul mate.

I was 20, he was I was a student. He had just lost his job. We were having a pregnancy scare 5 months in a relationship. I was terrified. Secondly, that would make me the happiest person on Earth. But starting a family with you is all I could have ever asked for. It was that moment when I knew that he is the one. He has always been one of my best friends. I want him to always be in my life. I just want to kiss all of his stupid gorgeous face! Met on a dating website, he reached out to me, and we texted for like two weeks before we met.

First date I got there early, he got there earlier. Then I saw him, and my feet were moving on their own accord, and my arms were suddenly wrapped around him. The word I saw that describes in the best would be inevitable. I met my husband at a bar in Beverly Hills, CA. I was dancing on the dance floor with my girlfriends and our tops were off. Many years go by and I am living at a homeless shelter.

How did this happen to me? Well, we got married and after a year I realized he was gay. He started to wear makeup and he was always listening too Culture Club. He got into a Gay French man named Francois Sagat. He was always buying his films and jerking off to his website. He then started to get into scary movies and the Love Boat. In the ebd he was into bondage and black leather. I lost everything! I have nothing left to give. Oliver stole everything and sold everything. I buy used clothes and wear used makeup. I have a slight crack problem due to overeating. I have a warranty out for my arrest over dog abuse!

There was no passion, just comfort, and we realised we both deserved better. We reached the decision to divorce together. At the beginning of it all, I very much felt that I had failed completely at life, being 26 and divorced!! But as I got more comfortable with the reality of things, I started online dating for the first time in my life. Not with the intention of actually meeting anyone, just to have a good time and get to know new people. I did that for a while, decided that maybe it was best I focus on myself and my business, and deactivated my profile.. But I still had one date in the calendar.

A first date. So I went on the date. And go flipping figure, I meet him and I just know. Shortly after meeting him, I felt like a new person. I felt that I actually had something to offer. I felt happy for the first time, maybe ever. I felt inspired to pursue my dreams to travel more, and I knew I wanted to take him with me. I wanted to explore the whole world with him by my side. I kinda knew before we even started dating. I knew he loved me immediately because of the way he looked at me and observed me going through life in my early twenties.

He kinda played along and took my phone to try. It had never done that before so it felt very poignant and hilarious to both of us. It was like a silly, cosmic confirmation that what we were feeling was real. I remember the exact moment I saw him — and it became inconceivable that we would ever part. That was that, and that was 12 years ago. With butterflies raging in my stomach, I volunteered. And hour later he had a big smile on his face, a complete set of Egyptian combed cotton sheets, and my phone number.

Over the next two days we talked on the phone for hours. I had shared my baking blog with him and after looking at the myriad of photos and posts he asked me what my favorite dessert was. I told him about my dad and our ritual of eating graham crackers and milk together and how that was my all time favorite.

It was love at first sight for me. Seriously, I knew just by seeing him in a photograph with a mutual friend! And then a couple weeks after that, another friend casually mentioned that she and her boyfriend wanted to set me up with him but he was already in a relationship. Fast forward two years: we finally meet in real life and his relationship had just ended. We went to a baseball game and hit it off in the most casual and comfortable way. We consider that night our first date and he says he knew he loved me that night.

I spent months waiting to work for a cruise ship. He gave me a smoke and introduced himself. It took 5 days before we got into a relationship. I spent the night in his cabin and every night there after. He was funny, sweet, charming, and looks wise not my type. I was used to tall dark and handsome. We were sitting with friends in crew mess and somehow we started laughing. I think it was then that we knew. Neither one of us had laughed that hard in years.

About a month ago we left the ship together and I came home with him to his hometown here in Ohio. We plan to marry after the baby is born, maybe two or three years after…. He gave me a promise ring when we were still working on a cruise ship in Hawaii. And I know I want to marry him. But should we wait to marry? So funny to see this article linked today, as this is just what I have been thinking about the whole day.

Back in school, 30 years ago, I was in love with a guy, but I assumed we were just friends. I met other guys, got married, left my husband one year ago, and all these years I wondered in we could have made it. I never forgot that guy. What can I say… We got in contact again last year and fell in love. We can netflix and chill on a Saturday or go out and have a drink.

We do the weekly shopping together sometimes. We do live in different cities, this makes home duties a bit hard Everything we do together is fun. Yes, he definitely is! Every woman has dealt with heartbreak and we have managed to live through it. You WILL as well.

If he has a new woman, she. The tables now turn and you. You need to stay busy. It is important that you busy yourself and your mind at this time or you will sink into major depression. Pretty soon he will be back if you really want back the loser. I joined an internet dating site out of curiosity. After almost every date however, I was back on the site looking for someone new. We corresponded by email for a few weeks because he was overseas.

Our first meeting at lunchtime was brief as I had to go to work in the afternoon. He was sitting on the grass in the park with his dog, and I immediately wanted to sneak up on him and surprise them, as if he was an old friend. The next day I asked him on a proper date for the following day, and it lasted 6 or 7 hours. I had no desire to look at any other internet dating profiles. We have survived three house moves, a few overseas trips together, and the death of our beloved dog. I feel like our relationship is as fun, exciting, and comfortable as I remember from when we started out four years ago.

My fiance and I dated off and on in the beginning of our relationship. At first we were completely and totally wrong for each other. As the months went on, we just finally hit a point where we were just to tired to fight each other. We wanted to be together not at each others throats. After that everything just pretty much fell into place. I became sure when I tried to see a life without him. I met my now ex husband when I was 21 and fell absolutely head over heels with him…..

Things were tough but we persisted until, a year and a half ago, he had an affair and left when my youngest child was ten months old. That time was a very hard time….. As he was telling me he was leaving I was relieved, as well as full of anguish and despair for what it meant for the kids.

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I dated a little almost straight away — my husband had been a very difficult and often unpleasant guy to live with and I was keen to expose myself to different, kind, new men. I loved who I was at that stage — I felt completely reborn and unburdened and free. After seeing one guy for a while, we decided to keep seeing each other but just as a friends with benefits arrangement. It definitely developed in to a Good Friends with Very Good Benefits situation and we were both very happy with what we had.

It was rational, full of excellent communication about how to manage the relationship, we were great at resolving conflicts and giving each other the benefit of the doubt. Then, 2 months ago, at a tiny little bar, I met my current partner who I am certain is going to be one of the great loves of my life. The things that have been most surprising are 1. I am in a relationship with a person we used to be friends for about 10 years.

Still because of my many insecurities I am afraid that something will happen and our relationship both our romantic relationship and our friendship will come to an end. But when he looks at me and he says that he loves me, I know that he speaks from the heart and that he is the one!

So for the ones who want to be loved and want to have someone to love we have to give in to the chance. It comes down to if they are accepting and content of how it changed to. Every time I have a small doubt due to my anxiety problem, he instantly probes it wrong without even knowing.

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He never makes me feel otherwise. OK here I go. Been divorced for 10 years he has been divorced 16 years we met three months ago and now we say we love each other! I swore I would never get married again or even date. More later! I am currently dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half. I have the question before how do you his the one? And he came all those questions now has meaning. I was the hopeless romantic too.

Until he came. He was at the corner of the club dancing by himself. No dates and a third wheel that night. And I observed this guy in the corner If he will come to dance where I was at. When I finally talked to him, I was so shy and nervous. Instead, after the movie, he ask me if I need anything, water, or food, after saying know, he put me to bed his bed. He tucked me in the blanket and say goodnight to me and he slept in the other bedroom. I was shocked. It was all a choice and team work.

We spoke very little to each other, because our personalities at school were worlds apart. Then, after sharing three years in the same classroom, the school term finished and all the students moved on, some into new High schools, others to new cities etc… so, we stopped seeing each other.

Anyway, moving forward in time, years passed and I moved to UK when I turned I got married to an English man at 29, but we got divorced 7 years later. Two years after the divorce, I started dating a Danish man, but at the start of , suddenly, through Facebook, a former female classmate, found me, and decided to create a group to try to find and reunite the Secondary school group where I studied in Mexico.

I accepted the invitation and joined the group, but, because I was living so far away, I could only join them via Skype when they got the first reunion at the house of one of the classmates. Then, there is when I spotted the little boy who used to be bullied… but he had changed a lot; he was completely different, in a very positive way.

We started chatting, via Skype of course, and we exchanged whatsapp, emails etc… This was in January last year In the same January, my relationship with the Danish man after many years started to crumble, actually it was never good, but I always thought that there was room for improvement, but it never happened. One day, the Facebook group decided to play a game, for fun-, so, there was a question for all: if you had the chance to marry anybody in the group, who could you have chosen?

That was our opportunity to say it. We got really surprised! After that day we started chatting about anything and everything, then, the daily calls started, he is divorced , and slowly-slowly we started fell in love, actually very much. I broke up with the Danish man, then I decided to travel and visit my schoolmate in person … My… Oh my….!

I cannot even explain it. And he thought the same! We fell in love even more, a lot, a lot more!! Awwww I love this story. Thanks for sharing it. It makes me believe in love. I just met someone these days and it feels so right, so good, from the very first moment that I saw him we texted before via an app and the feeling I had was, while talking to him and listening and sharing all this amazing vibe was… damn this feels like he is the one. What a crazy thing. Never had that. And thanks to google and my curiosity i found this blog lol. Did he propose? Hello Nancy!

He proposed, and I said YES! Before I married, I always thought I would have 2 marriage in my life. And then I met my husband. I married him because I felt like he was the kind of person who could find solutions to everything, so I had no worries about our relationship, our marriage, our life, and the others. He was very positive and happy all the time, and he had the ability to make others happy. However, our relationship made me exhausted now. Our life changed a lot in the past 4 years. We moved to a new country, we worked on our Master degree I already finished and he will finish soon , we have a 2 years old and I am 6m pregnant with our second baby.

We moved from apartment to apartment and then to a house. I know we both experienced a lot of stress. We are out of our comfort zone I guess. And then we had different opinion about everything. We watched different movies. We had no things to talk except taking care of my daughter together. And after many arguments, now everything we said to each other, we thought we were picking each other, we were hurting each other.

We just keep going with the choices lay in front of us. Oftentimes you see what you look for in someone. If you are always focused on the bad, you will see bad things. If you focus on the good, it will multiply. Evita I think if you can, you should go easier on yourself and your relationship — A young child, studying, moving to a new place and being pregnant must be overwhelmingly stressful, and hard for your relationship to navigate. I say this not as someone who is an expert mind you, but just wanted to offer my words of comfort!

Blog posts like this one, are inspiring and beautiful, and they can help you think about why you love your person and what is special about them, and that is lovely. They can make you feel like it is bad if your relationship has to be worked on, when personally I believe everything that is worth something needs to be worked for. I agree with you that we keep going with the choices in front of us, and I think that is what you need to remember!

However stressed and tired you are, you can still make little positive choices, to be happier and healthier in yourself or in your relationship — whether that is trying to do one tiny kind thing for your other half every day, or even or as well as for yourself. Know that this was always going to be a hard time and it will pass and it will make you stronger — either as a couple, or as an individual or both. Simple, but maybe effective. Good luck with your new baby, and I hope things get better.

I realize I am late but if anyone can read my post and share a thought, I would be more than happy. My partner and I ended last week our relationship after a little more than a year. We were both sure, from the beginning, that this was it. I am a 38 years old professionnal and he his We are adults with life experience, able to recognize something good. I never waisted time in a wrong relationship. I always knew right away when someone was good or not for me and I quickly moved on. I feel so hurt and confused- how could I have been wrong for so long?

A few months ago, we had a couple of his friends over for dinner at his place. I pretended I did and switched topic. This came as a real choc to me since he never told me anything. Later, I learned he visited a psychiatrist and had passed some tests. I also recently learned that he used to suffer from depression and took antidepressants a few years ago. So to me, it seems like he has history with this type of illness. I made some research, called a few neuropsychiatrists, psychologists and ADD specialists in order to educate myself and understand the situation.

Anxiety, among other, is a common symptom of untreated ADD. This past summer, he admitted he needed medication to control his anxiety but he never followed up. He dosent want to talk about it and I have to say, it makes me so uncomfortable to see how closed and awkward he his about this that I just shut down. Right now, most of his nights are spent on the internet and playing videogames. All this combined to not working he quit is job to concentrate on becoming a full time artist- he can afforded, he is not being irresponsable , has no regular schedule, no self-accomplishment and feels guilty for wasting his time: nothing to do all day long and mostly, waking up at eleven or noon, if not later.

I tried everything to talk with him, bring the topic while walking on eggshells, afraid of his reaction. I got nothing but anger. He always accused me of being impatient with him- when I am a very patient, loving and caring person. I am not perfect, I have my wrongs and I did lost patience at times but over his reactions towards me reacting to is reactions- never over his symptoms. This even when I had no idea what was going on. I truly and deeply love this man. I would have done anything for him. I was entirely commited and dedicated to him but no relationship can bloom if there is no trust.

I feel like he was hiding from me this part of him that left me hurt and confused as I couldnt understand his behavior and somehow, his immaturity. I became sad and drained over time, even frustrated. I never understood why: I was gradually changing for a bad version of myself. Everywhere else, at work, with friends, with strangers in the street I was the sweet person everyone likes. But together, we would fight over the most ridiculous things. His behaviour, without knowing what it was, was triggering an unhealthy dynamic between us. I was using all my sickdays from work and my weekends to be by his side and take care of his 87 yard old mother.

I was trying to built a healthy routine for meals, sleeping, etc so he would feel better. All this without knowing about his ADD. I often felt lonely, unloved and misunderstood without being able to put a finger on the reasons for such peelings- with a man who, I known did loved me. The relation was amazing on so many levels but something was dragging us down. I climbed mountains, went for 8 hours hacking rides, finally understood his need to be hyper active. There is nothing I woulnt have done for him.

The too many arguments drained us. I would never have left this relation it was a mutual split but i initiated. He said he wants me to make efforts and that I should chase him for the hurt I caused him if only he acknoledged that he has a problem and took care of it- but he seems to be in complete denial. He claims he only went to a psychatrist to get ritalin for his jet lag whenever he was traveling.

See a Problem?

He asked me what more did she said or talked about which leads me to think there is more to the story. I care for him. I am deeply sadened that he is 46 years old, never married, has no kids, no family, no sibblings, no real friends close to him. I thought I could bring him the love, structure and stability that he seems to lack but I failed.

He is alone. To be honest about who he is because no decent woman will accept to live this life. Ending this relationship is the hardest thing I had to do. We wanted to built a life together, get married and have a family. ADD would never have been an issue to me. He could have missed a leg or an arm, I would have love him the same.

As wounded as I am- and have been for a while- a part of me is relieved. At least, I no longer have to deal with frustration, sadness and mostly, denial. Sometimes, he admits he has it. Others, he says he dosent. I am often left wondering about myself: am I really inventing this story?! I am shattered. I want to prelude this with the fact that I am much younger than you and have never had a serious romantic relationship before.

Just trust your gut. If you can, it might be a smart decision to seek professional counseling. I experienced a similar situation with my last boyfriend though not quite as intense with the outright denial. Sounds like you have done more than anyone else in his life has done to care for him. You owe it to yourself to look out for yourself, your own mental health, and your own feelings. I decided to end things with my ex because I had that gut feeling deep down that Alexia mentions in her comment. Sometimes it gets buried under sadness, under the crushing weight of heartbreak, under fear of loneliness and fear of losing a best friend.

But, know that people break up every day. And if it was easy, even MORE people would break up when they should. You must be so tired, so heartbroken. I am so sorry. As one of the previous commenters noted: when mental illness, addiction, are involved, everything else goes out the window. Twice married. My first husband has Aspergers, my second was an narcissistic addict. I am currently dating a guy with Aspergers and feel the familiar feelings of isolation, sadness, confusion, disappointment, arising in me again… You love the man.

You will absolutely continue to pay a heavy emotional, spiritual, financial and physical cost. Please be kind to yourself. Thank you, each of you, for your kind words. You have no idea how footing it feels to read you in this moment. I wish you all the best, all the health, love and success in the world. To you and your loved ones. Peace and quiet. Dear Poppy, I am very late in reading this, but your story is so similar to mine. Now we are separated, and I can tell you I should have done it years before. The guilt of leaving someone sick, the unhappiness of being neglected and ignored, the lies about the condition, ignoring any advice I gave, being the scapegoat at the mercy of their mood swings.

You are right to think about yourself and your happiness. My ex has since admitted his unacceptable behaviour and vowed to change etc, but I cannot face going back to that hell. Please look after yourself. I knew I was in love with my college boyfriend when he brought a contact case for me on our spring break. He had actually thought ahead. I was smitten. The current boyfriend and I have been together 4 months. But I think we will. I met my now husband while I was day drinking with some friends at their apartment, which he happened to be moving into.

Only he and I showed up. I remember walking back to his apartment, which was only a block from mine, in late afternoon sunlight. Then I freaked out and banished the thought. After four months of pretending to be just friends who did things together 5 nights a week, we finally started calling it dating and three years later got married. We still like to go on early evening walks, when all of the old couples in the neighborhood are out. I still think to myself, I could do this for a long time.

Let me write in honestly and not in pure frustration as I think at this point as I could quickly say I hate my husband it would be in pure frustration. All I wanted was for someone to understand me fully, be my best friend, help me to silly so we can share some weird but funny moments. Let me laugh from my heart my inner being, let me not to worry about a thing once he is there my mind would be complete. And yes the list may go on and on but my husband is far from this. I am here so confused I feel like I just want to hide far far a way. I cry day and night blaming myself for making that stupid mistake of marrying this guy actually of just being with him.

I wish I could go back to the start. I hurt everyday as I now have to suffer this pain of making the wrong decision for a lifetime. I want out. How do I get out? He is not a bad person but just not the person I want to be with forever. I just want to be happy by not asking myself these questions if I am with the right guy I just want to know I am with the right guy.

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Chances are, he is feeling exactly the same way. If he really loves you though, he is willing to be adaptable. Have you spoken with your husband about how you feel? If it is too scary to try and breach such a difficult topic with a conversation, maybe you should try writing him a heartfelt letter. Writing a letter gives you more time to really think about what it is you want to say, it allows you to erase the parts that are unkind or said out of an emotional response, and with a letter you can proofread what you are trying to communicate multiple times until you are certain you are expressing EXACTLY what you need to get off of your chest.

There was a reason you got with this guy in the beginning, and life sometimes gets so complicated its easy to lose sight of your true self and get lost in the relationship. Finding your way back to who you are as an individual and rediscovering what it was that drew you to your husband in the first place is the most important step to finding happiness in your current relationship instead of just giving up under all of the stress and pressure and trying to start over with someone else. Have you tried taking steps to help him help you feel more fulfilled?

Have you considered all of the pros and cons of staying together vs separating? And, the most important question, do you still love and trust him? Marriage counseling may seem a little old fashioned to some, but sometimes having an outside perspective that gets an intimate view from both sides of the table can be helpful in not only figuring out where it went wrong but working toward getting back to a happy place together. Thank you so much for sharing so genuinely on my situation. But you know I have tried doing some of the things you have suggested such as writing to him and expressing my feelings.

This I have done so many times in so many different ways, such as via letter and phone texts. We have been together since I was 19 years old and he is 12 years older than I am. We have now been married for 10 months, a marriage I think I wanted more than he even though he proposed three years before the wedding on his own. One minute I hate him and the other I love him. But, funnily I start feeling more of the hate these days than love. As a matter of fact I think hate is just a strong word let me say I love him but feels as if I am not in love with him anymore.

Not sure if I am clear. He has been away for work purposes for the last 7 months and if I call him and just wanna hear is voice. He sometimes tell me to allow him to miss me so he can call too. Then I felt so heart broken as all I want is to hear is voice. He apologized for the umpteen time and said he wants me to be happy and the kids and I mean the world to him and he will do all which is right just to make me happy and that he wants to change.

This I hear so very often. I replied and that was that. I gave my sentiments and told him to take something for it. That was that until 2 hours after I realized he still has been on wattsapp but not messaging me. Theses are some of the things I have to go through and put up with. I tried finding stuff for us to do, encouraged counselling or even do online research on how to build or reignite our relationship. I even send him information from online relationship sites but he never look it up or read about it or even care. Hey girl. I know you posted a month ago, but I just saw your comment and it reminded me of a situation I was in a while back.

We had a lot of issues, but the relationship felt passable and brought me comfort some of the time, but ultimately I felt stuck and unhappy. I started seeing a therapist to try to figure out my confusion about whether I really wanted to even be with this person I thought I loved. Therapy helped me a great deal. There is not much you can do to influence your husband to be different, but examining what it is you can control, what it really is you want deep down, is a difficult but ultimately really really important thing to address.

You may decide to stay, but you want to feel like you are choosing to stay, and you want to be able to explain to yourself why. I ultimately decided to leave my relationship, and found someone else, who every day makes me feel loved, and every day I feel certain of how much I care for him. Best of luck. I wish you the best of luck whether you decide to stay or go x. We had managed to tell each other our deepest, most personal secrets within a couple hours. He answers my questions before I even get the chance to ask them. He broke down every single wall without an ounce of effort.

I watched him for a year and a half. I was an employee and he was a sub contractor. He smelled good too. No answer. The last man I fell in love with brought me to my knees. I would have jumped through hoops of fire to please him; how he thrilled me so. But he was a messed up divorcee with a free schedule and an appetite so you can guess how it turned out. Yep, I tripped on one of those hoops and was incinerated. The next man that came along was quirky, and funny and thought I was hilarious so I accepted second and third dates and six months down the line I keep accepting his calls.

You know, he had a few little mannerisms that were not City, definitely Country. I thought I saw myself and my future differently. Like Boston Ivy he has been slowly colonising. He started around my humour, proceeded to my appetite and is now closing around my heart. His kindness and generousity are boundless.

As a lover, voracious. And he is offering me the things I want without a discussion about them, it seems he knows or is on my wavelength. It is said you never expect the person you fall in love with. There was no crazy fire, no out of breath-walking on sunshine-outrageous joy but the quiet way in which he has made himself known and open to me is all the sureity I need.

This is incredible and so true.

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Sparks dissipate, but with the right kind of nurturing, a slow building fire roars endlessly. Love this!! Thanks for sharing. Within the last month, I was connected with someone who just moved from my hometown area to where I currently live. We spend most evenings together, doing everything from cooking together to watching Dexter his suggestion, my new addiction , to shopping for his apartment together. Every single moment is precious and I feel more content and more joy than I have ever felt with any other person. No amount of time feels like enough. My last boyfriend I thought was the One.

We were friends and colleagues first, so while it was scary, the transition to couple felt inevitable. I miss her and am fearful I might lose her but I really feel that the ball is in her court! My friends tell me that I will lose her respect if I allow her to push me around…. I have been very supportive of her and even helped her with her rent as she is a single mom and is really struggling…I feel like she is unappreciative of my efforts….

I desperately want to make up…help me!!!! U have done your best bro. I have the same situation. You will have to speak to her first, because she wants you to persue her and to show that you care. I only said that she is too negative towards me, infact I was just kidding and that led to such reactions. Any idea how I can handle her. Bro you can comfort her and talk to her face to face in a private place tell her that your just kidding and you didnt mean to say that and dont forget try to make her feel tht you still with her and your still by her side dont make her feel that your far apart that makes her think that you said was true.

They are totally not worth it. Bro you can start asking her to go out and talk to her face to face and make her fall for you again just remember do not push her too much. I love her so much. I will even die saving her. I hope today she forgives me. Lets see if this your ways make her happy.

My lady is very mad at me but i really dont know what i did to to pissed her off…. I really love her and i dont want to loose her. Bro i had the same problem all you need to do is just dont talk about it and make her forget about it since you dont know what makes her angry but you need to act sweet be needy and make sure that she is willing to be with you if she says that shes fine ok it fine just make sure that she is not changing the way she act towards you make sure that i act you still care about her and u want her all the time.

Me n my gf in not in relationship last months but she call me at mid night if i say something about relationship then she get angry but at every call last time she said m me love you what should i do……..?? My own case is different because, I have been with her for almost one and half years, and I know how she use to talk me when she is not mad at me and when she is. So I tried to find out from her, that if I have done anything bad to her. But she said nothing is wrong and everything is fine between her and I.

So now I fear when I am about to call her. So colleagues please help me out. She just needs her space. I just have to remember who the man in the relationship is. The Bible tells us that we are supposed to encourage and lift up our partners as men. Hope this helps. Dude you know that means she bored of you all you need to do i stop calling her and tell her that you dont want too call anymore u want to hear her voice by face to face make her feel that your not boring change the way you act to her sometimes you can be funny sometimes you can be the quiet type just make her feel that you have diffrent character which make her not bored.

Never try this on your girlfriend or on anyone else……………….. Your girl will get more itchy and mad at you. So best way is to ignore her and wait for her reply. Thank me later. I have a gf and her name is favour,I noticed she has been communicating with a guy on WhatsApp about love,but when scold her,she brokeup with me,I beg her,which accepted me,but still not happy,what can I do for her to be happy again. She said that I should not call her. Will try these out…. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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