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Ohmygod I love Susan Feniger, and I love her new book, Street Food: Irresistibly Crispy, Creamy, Crunchy, Spicy, Sticky, Sweet Recipes. Most of all, I WANT TO.

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We have car payments, insurance plans, credit scores, and all of the nagging and mundane burdens of modern life. We have lawns to mow, snow to shovel, children to get to school, and errands to run on the weekend. What, then, separates us from the rest of the world? To many in the world at large, veganism is an extensive list of restrictions—a wet blanket on family cook-outs, a reason to exclude people from activities that may offend picky vegan eaters.

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Nothing is more freeing than living in accordance with your core values. Vegans know that there is something wrong with the way we treat our fellow beings. Making a conscious decision to opt out of the system of animal exploitation is liberation—for both human and non-human animals. What speaks to a vegan is that immaterial essence, a feeling of being at peace with the choices we make, because ultimately we are the choices we make.

The Ultimate Freedom

What we choose as individuals, however small it may feel, helps to move the scales of justice in the right direction—the direction of non-violence, respect, and compassion. Deep down, there is a discord in what they know, believe, and feel, versus what they do. We get hurt, angry, resentful, and at times it can be all consuming.

Chronic anger puts you into a fight-or-flight mode, which results in numerous changes in heart rate, blood pressure and immune response.

Lester Levenson: Keys to Ultimate Freedom (Sedona Method) - Part 1

Those changes, then, increase the risk of depression, heart disease and diabetes, among other conditions. Forgiveness, however, calms stress levels, leading to improved health. Forgiving can be a real challenge and it is important to remember that when we forgive someone we are not excusing the act but instead are releasing ourselves from it. In other words, we do this for us not for the other person.

The Ultimate Freedom is a Freedom from Fear! – Cheryne Blom

One thing I want to mention is that time is a healer. It may be too much to attempt forgiveness until some time has passed. Allow yourself to feel all your feelings related to the incident and act accordingly. If you are angry express it, if you are upset shed your tears, give yourself permission to go through it all.

Forgiveness..The Ultimate Freedom

One thing I have suggested to my clients is to write the person who wronged them a letter. Put everything in that letter that they are feeling and use whatever language makes the most sense to them. After a length of time that is appropriate for them I tell them to read it.

Should you send it? Should the language be toned down?