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Ohmygod I love Susan Feniger, and I love her new book, Street Food: Irresistibly Crispy, Creamy, Crunchy, Spicy, Sticky, Sweet Recipes. Most of all, I WANT TO.

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Eine Erinnerung an die Opfer des grausamen Attentats, das wohl aus einer rassistischen Ideologie heraus begangen wurde. Offenbar hat Trumps ehemaliger Anwalt dem Kongress neue Dokumente vorgelegt.

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Im FAZ. Mehr Von Daniel C. Schmidt, Washington. Angela Merkel. Donald Trump. Warum sehe ich FAZ.

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April in der Industrie- und Handelskammer Frankfurt am Main statt. Dezember in Darmstadt stattfand, hat auch in diesem Jahr ein starkes Medienecho hervorgerufen. Dezember im Kap Europa in Frankfurt am Main statt. Gastgeber der Kongressmesse ist unser Partner Dr. Jochen Brandhoff. Jochen Brandhoff, u. Der Erscheinungstermin war am Hier geht es zum Buch.

You can find the video-interview here. Frankfurt stands for diversity, internationality, the innovative and pioneering spirit — this and the continuing challenges facing the city were the topics at the Business Talks on Saturday evening. Jochen Brandhoff , has created the first e-magazine for law in the digital transformation of the economy.

The target audiences of this journal are attorneys, in-house counsel and judges. The new journal covers the legal and tax aspects of the digital economy. Other important topics it covers include the digitization of the law, legal technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and business topics such as the management of a modern legal department.

Every article is available for online viewing or downloadable as a citable PDF with continuous page-numeration. Susanne Reinemann schreibt in der NJW vom Unser Partner Jochen Brandhoff hatte die Kongressmesse am 4. Oktober im Kap Europa in Frankfurt am Main veranstaltet.

Dezember im Darmstadtium statt. Marcus Jung berichtet in der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung vom Lawyers on Fire haben am 2.

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  8. September unseren Partner Dr. Artificial Lawyer hat am August unseren Partner Dr. Oktober im Kap Europa in Frankfurt am Main statt. Das Interview finden sie hier. They will show legal practitioners how, through legal tech, the ongoing digitalization of the legal industry can be used to create a more efficient and cost effective market for legal consultation in the future.

    Conference participants will have the opportunity to see currently existing, practical solutions to the issues presented by our lecturers on our exhibition floor which runs directly parallel to the conference. Approximately 45 hand-picked exhibitors from the legal tech field will show visitors what is already possible today using legal technology and how their organizational processes can be optimized through the use of this technology. Our partner Dr.

    Jochen Brandhoff spoke following the introductory remarks of Dr. The scooter, as Jochen Brandhoff pointed out, much like the legal profession has managed to navigate the last 50 years without undergoing any significant design changes. The digitization of the legal market is still in its infancy, which, according to Jochen Brandhoff, is a great opportunity for pioneering lawyers.

    Attorneys can take advantage of the potential of newer and more efficient digital technology and play a significant role in shaping the legal market of the future. He also made remarks on the possible directions the administration of justice will take over the course of the digitization of the legal market.

    The law is, even today, being applied with the help of computer algorithms; for example, through the examination of certain claims brought by airline passengers or in making Hartz IV decisions. Nothing, therefore, precludes a great expansion in the use of algorithm-based decision-making in the future.

    Will algorithms, through cost-effectiveness, effect a displacement of legal services in the current system of state-funded legal aid.


    These and many more topics were discussed during this roundtable. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Here, he will answer questions concerning what fundamental changes lawyers from legal departments and law firms will have to face in the coming years due to the digitization of the law. Legal technology, artificial intelligence, blockchains, contract analysis systems, data analysis software, and workflow-management tools will be used ever increasingly in the legal practice.

    Einen Auszug aus seiner Rede finden Sie hier. Sie findet am Oktober im Kap Europa der Messe Frankfurt statt. Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an Rechtsanwalt Dr. German employee co-determination rules [ Areitnehmermitbestimmung ] for company supervisory boards may violate European Union law in that they prohibit employees based in EU Member States other than Germany from voting in supervisory board elections as well as from running for these offices themselves.

    The German labor unions and their representatives are leading a media campaign against the claimants in this case even though the claimants are seeking to affect the Europeanization of the co-determination principle. Throughout the four-hour proceeding, the legal opinions the parties to the proceedings, Konrad Erzberger petitioner and the tourism company, TUI AG defendant , were outlined along with the amici curiae of several interested groups including: the EFTA Surveillance Authority, German labor unions, and the governments of Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Luxemburg.

    Caspar Behme lead counsel , Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, and Stephan A. Those who support or at least recognize the importance of co-determination, must in-turn wish for it function properly and for it to achieve the results it was intended to affect. This is all the more important for companies such as TUI which employ the considerable majority of its workers outside of Germany.

    The German labor union chiefs and their representatives are operating an emotionally charged media campaign against the petitioner, which expert observers have called unprecedented. The political pressure produced by this campaign is targeted at preserving for themselves the power and influence bound up in the duties of employee representatives in supervisory boards.

    They, however, have not brought forth any substantive arguments as to why representation of foreign employees should remain excluded. Analogous situations in France, Denmark and Norway show that the incorporation of foreign workers in supervisory board elections is not only legally possible and advisable, but also practical in their implementation. This is, however, an unconvincing argument because formal legal requirements determine the wording of such a petition.

    The majority of scientists and jurists who have expressed an opinion ahead of this decision took the side of the petitioner and spoke out in favor of the inclusion of EU employees in co-determination procedures. Contrary to the representations made by media outlets with ties to the labor unions, no substantial changes will occur near-term should the Court of Justice grant the petition and decide that the membership of company supervisory boards should no longer be determined in accordance with the provisions of the German Co-determination Act.

    Neither the election of the incumbent supervisory board members even those who are employee representatives nor the decisions of the supervisory board itself would be invalidated by such a decision. In addition, a finding of inapplicability of the German Co-determination Act will have limited applicability and apply only to TUI AG in the first instance. Such a decision would have no immediate effect whatsoever on other companies.

    Only when this action is brought against a particular company and the inapplicability of the Co-determination Act is therein established, would the supervisory board of that company be required to reorganize in accordance with the decision made in that action. At the center of both procedures lies the question: whether and to what extent the German co-determination rules, according to which only domestically active employees may be entitled to active or passive voting rights in the election of employee representatives to the supervisory board, run contrary to European anti-discrimination rules and the principle of the free movement of labor: Art.

    If you have any questions, please contact:. Caspar Behme Of Counsel and Dr. Our corporate law practice regularly covers questions of corporate governance and corporate litigation.

    QTLaunchPad German-to-English Annotations - Round 2

    The law firm is characterized by its exceptional economic expertise. Before joining the firm, our attorneys worked as Counsels General and Department Heads at companies and banks. January In the piece, our partner, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff , and Of Counsel , Dr. The question presented to the ECJ is whether the current German corporate co-determination legislation is incompatible with the principles of European Union law.

    According to the current law, the employees of German corporations working outside of Germany have no right to participate either actively or passively in the election of labor representatives to company supervisory boards. Rather, with this lawsuit he is seeking to affect the Europeanization of this right to co-determination and thereby broaden its base of legitimacy. This policy goal cannot be achieved, however, when a company employs its workforce throughout the Member States of the EU but restricts the right of co-determination to a minority of its employees — that is, giving it exclusively to those employees working within German borders.

    Companies will often make this restriction even when it employs the vast majority of its workforce abroad. Caspar Behme and our partners Dr. Jochen Brandhoff and Stephan A. Legal Tribune Online, 3. LTO has published an article written by our partner, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, concerning the digital transformation of the legal industry, the pressing need for innovation in the legal services market and the role of legal technology LegalTech will play in the future. In the article, Jochen Brandoff explains how digital technologies will affect the organization of law firms and legal departments, change the way lawyers are sought out by clients, and even effect how the law is applied in practice.

    With its ruling on The Court has set the date for oral arguments to January 24th, In this case, the ECJ must decide whether German corporate co-determination rules violate the European non-discrimination principle and the free-movement of workers by not including employees working outside of Germany in the class of persons entitled to participate in the election of supervisory boards in German corporations.

    We kindly ask members of the media and other interested parties to address their questions to our attorneys involved in the case: Of Counsel, Dr. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the efficient dispensation of legal and tax advice. Nearly 40 businesspeople, lawyers, accountants, and the editors of prominent legal media outlets took part in the BOP Law Firm Dialogues — a monthly event organized to discuss the future of the legal market. In their presentations, speakers Marco Klock and Jan Frederik explained how attorneys can use legal technology in order to improve the efficiency of their law firm as an organization.

    Marco is the managing director of the quickly growing network of lawyers, edicted. Beck Publishing House recently invested November Frederik is the managing director of rightmart, a wholly novel, semi-automated law firm. In his opening speech, our partner and Legal-Tech expert, Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, explained how Artificial Intelligence above all, artificial neural networks will change the nature of legal counsel in the next ten years.

    You can find an excerpt of this speech about the digitization of the law here. Should you have questions, please contact Dr. The C. The Beck Group, parent company to the publishers C. Among other things, edicted. In comparison to more traditional platforms and internet marketplaces, this system substantially simplifies the process of finding a specialized attorney for businesses, consumers and law firms alike.

    For the lawyers registered on the platform, the network is also an important job-search tool. With its involvement in edicted.