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It advocates the full implementation of quota for women in parliament and provincial assemblies. EIDHR projects play an important role promoting for various initiatives with gender components, including activities such as truth-seeking and victim support and empowering Afghan youth and women to participate in political life. This programme particularly encourages the active role of women in the development of Afghanistan, including political processes, peace building and reconciliation efforts, especially at the local and sub-national levels.

Anche se, suggeriscono molta cautela nella lettura dei dati raccolti, gli stessi autori della ricerca raccomandano la massima attenzione nell'utilizzo di questi farmaci e la piena comprensione del loro impatto sulla salute. According to a recent British scientific study, taking hypnotic drugs such as sleeping pills, psychotropic drugs and sedatives could potentially double the risk of early death. Although the authors of the study say that the results should be interpreted with a great deal of caution, they also advise people to pay maximum attention when using these drugs, and to fully understand what impacts they could have on their health.

They particularly warn against the dangers of becoming dependent on these types of drugs, whether physically or psychologically, and highlight the intoxicating effects they could have on the body. In light of this study, can the Commission indicate whether there are any official statistics concerning to what extent hypnotic drugs are taken by European citizens? Are there any official statistics concerning the growing dependency of European citizens on these types of drugs? Product information, approved by the competent authorities as part of the marketing authorisation, contains information about its use indication, dosing and risks adverse reactions, warnings e.

After the authorisation, the medicinal product is subject to a post-marketing surveillance during its whole life-cycle. In case of a safety concern the pharmaceutical legislation provides for legal tools to modify the product information or to withdraw the marketing authorisation. Products recently discussed are e. For example, data from the International Narcotics Control Board INCB report show that the highest per capita consumption of prescribed barbiturates of the anti-epileptic type including mainly barbiturates but also benzodiazepines has been reported by Bulgaria, Ukraine and Latvia.

La scorsa notte un violento terremoto di magnitudo 8,2 ha colpito la costa settentrionale del Cile, provocando uno tsunami con onde superiori ai 2 metri. Last night, the western coastline of Chile was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 8. The emergency services have so far confirmed that five people have died a figure that would undoubtedly have been higher had the areas most at risk from the waves not been evacuated as a precaution , but the death toll could rise in the coming days. Does the Commission know if any European citizens have been killed or injured, or forced to evacuate their homes?

The Commission, through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, was ready to provide emergency assistance to Chile in case of a need. However, Chilean Authorities did not ask for international assistance, demonstrating a high level of preparedness among authorities and communities. Since the last earthquake of similar magnitude in Chile in , the Commission, through its Dipecho programme, has been providing assistance to prepare communities, strengthen the Early Warning System and the capacity of local authorities to prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis and to manage the risks related thereto.

Oggetto: Rischio dell'effetto Crimea in Ossetia. In a previous parliamentary question, the Commission was asked to express an opinion on the risk of the situation in Crimea spreading to other regions within the European sphere of influence, and in particular Transnistria. Up to now, Moscow has distanced itself from such a move, but the independence referendum in Crimea could rekindle long-held irredentist ambitions in the region, which have already sparked much political debate.

In light of the scenario described above, does the Commission have any reason to believe that the situation in Ossetia could become inflamed and thus lead to a new wave of instability in the region, also bearing in mind how Russian troops have previously intervened in the area?

From the Pebble to the Microchip

Although the Russian Federation already plays a strong role in both entities — through the presence of Russian border guards and armed forces on the ground as well as budgetary support — there are currently no indications that a development like the annexation of Crimea is in the making in South Ossetia or Abkhazia. Oggetto: Strategia europea per le malattie croniche.

Nell'Unione europea un cittadino su dieci soffre di Broncopneumopatia cronica ostruttiva, vale a dire la quinta principale causa di morte al mondo. Sono dati estremamente preoccupanti, in particolare se si considera che gran parte delle malattie croniche possono essere fortemente alleviate e addirittura sconfitte tramite la prevenzione. Questa azione comune riunisce 23 Stati membri con lo scopo di migliorare il coordinamento e la cooperazione nello scambio di buone prassi per affrontare le malattie croniche.

Tali riflessioni chiariranno la strada da intraprendere ai fini della risposta alle malattie croniche a livello di UE. In the European Union, one person in every ten suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is the fifth highest cause of death across the entire world. These figures are highly alarming, especially considering that the vast majority of chronic diseases can be greatly alleviated or even eradicated through prevention.

What actions does the Commission intend to take in the fight against chronic diseases? Does it consider it appropriate to establish a coordinated strategy on a European scale? The Commission is aware of the burden of chronic diseases and its impact on health and social systems in Europe.

EUR-Lex - JOC___R_ - EN - EUR-Lex

These discussions will clarify the way forward in the response to chronic diseases at EU level. Last week, the President of the Palestinian National Authority applied for his country to officially join 15 UN-affiliated organisations, thereby breaking the pledge made to Israel around a year ago which led to the latest talks between the two sides taking place, namely that the Palestinians would halt any attempts to seek UN representation.

The decision was taken following the lack of any tangible progress being made in the negotiations, in the eyes of the PNA. Both PM Netanyahu and President Abbas should continue to engage in good faith in the negotiations and make the difficult compromises and decisions needed to seize this unique opportunity for peace. The Azores being an outermost region, air transport is the sole viable means of passenger access to the islands. This means that the restrictions placed on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels on planes have had a fairly negative impact on the region's economy and represent a significant constraint on the production of wines, spirits and liqueurs and traditional compotes.

In most cases, visitors many of them foreign tourists stay for a short time in each of the nine islands and travel with cabin baggage only, which means that they are unable to purchase many of the region's most typical products.

Clean Meat : « De la vraie viande issue de cellules d'animaux vivants »

This harms producers and the islands' economy, and makes it more difficult to promote the Azores internationally as a source of local specialities and a tourist destination. The current restrictions on the carriage of liquids on flights, which are justified at large international airports, are less relevant at small regional airports where they are not so much a preventive measure but more of an obstacle to economic and social development.

This was the reason that was seen as justification for the current exceptions to these rules, notably for Croatia. Has the Commission carried out an impact assessment on these restrictions in the mostvulnerable regions, such as the outermost regions and the Azores in particular? Is it considering extending the exceptions to the carriage of liquids on flights as adevelopment strategy for remote regions that only have small airports, as is the case forthe Azores?

Is it considering lifting the restrictions on the carriage of liquids on flights in such casesbefore the planned ending of the restrictions in ? The full implementation of the regulation across Europe is essential to guarantee a secure European aviation system and maintain One Stop Security and many other advantages. Therefore, there are no exceptions to any airports with respect to the carriage and screening of LAGs. Given the immediate threat to aviation at the time and the potential impact of a successful attack, no formal cost and impact report was established prior to implementing the restrictions by the Commission, but was based on the analysis and risk assessment of Member States.

The lifting of the ban on liquids and gels has always been linked to the development of appropriate screening equipment, and is subject to operational feasibility. With the currently available technology, the ban on liquids cannot be fully lifted without causing severe operational difficulties that may impact the flow of traffic. A phase approach is needed. These finding are mirrored by the experiences of our international partners US, Canada and Australia with whom we agreed to lift the ban in a step by step approach.

The European Commission continues to work on introducing new steps towards the full lifting of the ban on liquids and gels, based on technical solutions without jeopardising the security and safety of citizens. These conditions are in breach of the international World Organisation for Animal Health OIE standards on the welfare of animals at slaughter. Why is the Commission unwilling to take the initiative in offering practical assistance to help importing countries meet OIE standards?

The animal welfare standards developed by the World Organisation for Animal Health are guidelines for Member States and are therefore not enforceable by law. This forum will hold its sixth meeting this year and standing agenda items include information exchange, which could include a discussion into Australia's Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System, of which the Commission is already aware.

The Commission strongly supports the work of the World Organisation for Animal Health and the standards it has developed on animal welfare. A three year action plan for the Regional Platform has been agreed and includes training on animal welfare during transport and slaughter. The decision to export is taken by private operators in Member States. There is a significant risk that the quality of our scientific research will suffer on account of these decisions and that Switzerland will seek out other countries and regions of the world with which to collaborate in future.

If the answer was of a financial nature, a number of Swiss institutions have already announced that they are able to finance their participation in European research projects themselves. So why should they simply be excluded?

Are there no other bilateral agreements with Switzerland that we could look at that would cause less damage to our universities and research centres? The Commission has consequently put negotiations on these, and other agreements, on hold. This decision, however, does not prevent Swiss researchers and organisations from participating with a non-associated status in Horizon , which is open to scientists and research organisations worldwide. The EU has a long history of scientific and technical cooperation with Switzerland, which can continue in the context of the framework Agreement for Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the European Communities and the Swiss Confederation of , which still applies.

This solution is very similar to what was happening before , when Switzerland was not part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. Una situazione che non sarebbe accettabile nei paesi del Terzo Mondo, figuriamoci in uno Stato membro dell'Unione europea. I cuccioli sono stati intercettati dalla polizia stradale italiana, in seguito ad una segnalazione dell'Ente Nazionale per la Protezione degli Animali. I cani provenivano dall'Ungheria ed erano diretti nel Casertano. L'autista e due accompagnatori sono stati denunciati per maltrattamento di animali e importazione illegale di esemplari domestici, i documenti sanitari non erano in regola e i cuccioli, che ora si trovano in strutture di accoglienza, soffrivano di problemi respiratori dovuti al sovraffollamento.

Dispone di dati relativi all'effettiva applicazione della normativa sul trasporto degli animali? Il regolamento CE n. Gli Stati membri sono essi stessi i principali responsabili della sua applicazione quotidiana. La Commissione assiste gli Stati membri nell'attuazione organizzando riunioni periodiche con i punti di contatto nazionali. I principi di funzionamento del mercato interno sanciti nei trattati non ostano alle norme relative ai movimenti degli animali, ove giustificate da motivi di salute pubblica. Some puppies of various breeds have been found crammed inside a lorry in atrocious conditions of hygiene.

That would not be acceptable in third-world countries, let alone in an EU Member State. The dogs were on their way from Hungary to the Caserta area in southern Italy. The driver and two passengers have been charged with mistreating animals and illegally importing domestic animals. The health documents were not in order and the puppies, which have now been placed in rescue centres, were suffering from respiratory problems caused by their overcrowded conditions.

The dogs were most probably intended for illegal trafficking. Now that regulations on the free movement of people and goods have been introduced, can the Commission explain how the free movement of animals among the Member States works? The Member States themselves are primarily responsible for its daily implementation. The Commission assists Member States with implementation by holding regular meetings with the National Contact Points. The principles of the functioning of the internal market enshrined in the Treaties do not preclude rules on the movement of animals when they are justified on health grounds.

Daher stellen sich folgende Fragen:. Wann und mit welchen Werten greifen diese? Rail traffic in Europe is increasing all the time, which is to be welcomed from an economic and environmental standpoint. However, the increase in traffic is also accompanied by the increased nuisance suffered by residents. By how much is freight traffic likely to increase in Europe in the long term — in particular in the Genoa-Amsterdam freight corridor? How will the volume of traffic in the Middle Rhine region change once the Gotthard tunnel is in use? Will all this be moved through the Middle Rhine Valley?

Are technical modifications being made to rolling stock with the aim of reducing the environmental problems caused by rail traffic in the EU? When will these come into effect, and what will the parameters be?

Une solution vraiment écologique ?

When Unesco awarded the Middle Rhine world heritage status, it made it clear that the railway noise must be reduced. Since then the number of trains has risen significantly and will continue to do so. In Germany the transport performance of rail freight is expected to increase by an annual rate of 2.

Noise-differentiated track access charges, in place in Germany and in the Netherlands, provide incentives for such actions. It sets maximum levels of noise produced by new railway vehicles;. The Commission currently manages an additional impact assessment on the reduction of noise generated by railway freight wagons by to be completed by end There are no plans to tackle vibrations at the moment.

Concerning railway noise, the Commission argues that national operational measures to fight against the noise of freight trains do not violate the principle of free movement of services and goods if they apply equally to all operators of freight trains. Bij het inchecken zijn zij verplicht hun paspoorten af te geven en kunnen hun paspoort pas de volgende ochtend weer ophalen, hetgeen gemakkelijk tot criminaliteit kan leiden.

Kan de Commissie aangeven hoe hier mee om te gaan in het kader van criminaliteitsbestrijding? Dit betekent niet dat die hoofden dergelijke documenten tot de volgende ochtend moeten bijhouden of dat reizigers die documenten tot de volgende ochtend moeten afgeven. Het is niet de taak van de Commissie om toezicht te houden op de manier waarop logiesverstrekkende bedrijven de registratie van gasten organiseren.

Het is de verantwoordelijkheid van de nationale rechtshandhavingsinstanties om te oordelen of er hierbij misbruik van dergelijke documenten wordt gemaakt voor criminele doeleinden. They are compelled to surrender the documents and can only retrieve them the morning after, which readily lends itself to crime. It would be better if their passports were returned immediately after check-in. Can the Commission indicate what approach should be adopted to it when exercising freedom of movement within the EU? Can the Commission indicate what approach should be adopted to it from the point of view of fighting crime?

This does not include any obligation for the managers to keep, or for travellers to render such documents overnight. It is not for the Commission to supervise how establishments providing accommodation organise the registration of guests. It is the responsibility of national law enforcement authorities to assess any potential abuse of such documents in this context for criminal purposes. I would urge the Commission to request that the start of the project be suspended until this matter has been fully clarified. The consequences of stopping the project are nothing in comparison to this.

The Commission may interfere only in cases where projects are not in compliance with the relevant Union legislation. The decision was appealed in and The Commission services have carefully examined the facts and arguments presented by both the Honourable Member and the Bulgarian authorities and have not been able to identify a breach of Union law. There is no new evidence to indicate that the information provided by the Bulgarian authorities to the Commission is incorrect and does not correspond to the actual situation. Does the Commission believe that if Scotland were to vote for independence, resulting in Scots living in England and elsewhere in Europe potentially becoming Scottish and not UK citizens, then they could lose out on fundamental European rights, including the right to free movement, the right to work in other Member States and access to free healthcare in Member States?

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

Could the Commission also please confirm what it has stated in previous answers, i. Does the Commission accept that CXL imports could become a redundant source of raw cane sugar supply if EU and world sugar prices converge? As such the CXL import quotas at reduced duties can serve as a useful source of supply depending on the market situation. The end of the sugar production quotas in was decided by the European Parliament and the Council in The import tariffs and import quotas in the sugar sector were not modified on that occasion.

The in-quota tariff of 98 Euro per tonne, charged on sugar imported through the CXL quotas, is part of the World Trade Organisation concessions. The EU has a dilemma regarding trade and China. The priority for the time being is to negotiate and conclude an ambitious investment agreement with China. Our interest lies in particular in the elimination of restrictions to investment in the Chinese market.

Only after having successfully concluded negotiations on such an investment agreement could the Commission potentially be ready to consider engaging in broader trade negotiations, once the conditions are right, as a longer term perspective. Following the raid on European manufacturers of car exhaust systems, has the Commission come to any conclusion as to whether or not the cartel exists? The directive improves the quality of temporary agency employment and the protection of the workers concerned, in particular by providing for equal treatment, and contributes to the development of the agency work sector as a flexible option for companies and workers.

The Commission, in conjunction with the Member State authorities and the social partners at EU level, will continue to monitor the application of the directive closely. It will tackle any implementation problems by the appropriate means, including where necessary by initiating infringement procedures against the Member States. It is for the Member State authorities, including the courts, to ensure that national provisions implementing the directive are enforced. The Member States must provide for effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties in the event of infringements of those provisions.

They must also provide for appropriate measures in the event of a failure by temporary-work agencies or user undertakings to comply with the directive. Oggetto: Sottrazione internazionale di minore in Slovacchia — Mancato rientro. L'ufficio del Mediatore del Parlamento europeo per i casi di sottrazione internazionale di minori ha ricevuto un caso relativo alla sottrazione e al trattenimento di minori in Slovacchia.

In seguito alla separazione della coppia, il Tribunale per i minorenni di Campobasso emanava un decreto con cui disponeva l'affido condiviso con dimora prevalente presso la madre. Nel la madre porta illegalmente la bambina in Slovacchia senza il consenso del padre e contravvenendo al decreto che prescriveva alla madre stessa di garantire la permanenza della bambina in Italia. Dopo una prima pronuncia del Tribunale di Bratislava in cui decretava il non rimpatrio del minore, lo stesso Tribunale, dopo il ricorso in appello presentato dal padre, disponeva il rientro del minore in Italia in considerazione del mancato assenso del padre al soggiorno della bambina in Slovacchia.

La madre ricorreva a sua volta in appello e si disponeva l'ascolto del minore rinviando al primo grado di giudizio. Tale sentenza dovrebbe essere riconosciuta in base al regolamento CE n. The office of the European Parliament Mediator for International Parental Child Abduction has been contacted with regard to a case involving the abduction and retention of a child in Slovakia. From the information received, it emerges that an Italian man and a Slovakian woman had a daughter together who was born in in Italy, where the couple had set up their home. The first ruling issued by the Court of Bratislava decreed that the child could remain in Slovakia.

Following an appeal lodged by the father, the same Court then ordered that the child be returned to Italy, since the father was being denied access to the child while she was living in Slovakia. The mother subsequently lodged an appeal of her own, and the case was then referred to the local court of first instance. In the meantime, the Campobasso Court of Appeal granted sole custody of the child to the father and removed all parental authority from the mother.

As a result, yet another appeal has been lodged, which will further prolong the repatriation process. Can the Commission indicate whether the case in question could give rise to infringement proceedings being initiated against Slovakia? The Commission has proposed to review the conditions of approval of the three neonicotinoids after two years, so as to take into account relevant scientific and technical developments.

Can the Commission confirm what action it is taking to evaluate the impact of the moratorium? It would be useful to know if, and to what extent, the moratorium is proving effective in improving bee health. In addition, since the moratorium began, farmers have been forced to apply alternative pesticides to crops. Can the Commission confirm that there will be an assessment of the impact of these alternatives on bee health? Since the use of alternatives is a direct impact of the moratorium, such a study is surely necessary in order to contribute to the overall assessment of its effectiveness.

The Commission will ask the European Food Safety Authority EFSA to review the new scientific information which may be submitted by the applicants, the Member States and any other relevant stakeholders. Alternative pesticides used by farmers are those available on the market. The surveillance programme Epilobee, funded by the Union, monitors the evolution of bees' mortalities. The E73 is an important transport route linking two Member States and crossing one internal and two external borders of the Union.

Most of the length of the road going through Hungary and Croatia consists of motorways, but some parts, especially at the border crossing, are still two-lane roads.

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At present, this is a choke point on an important EU transport route. Can the Commission elaborate on the possibility of using the Connecting Europe Facility or other EU funds to upgrade the infrastructure on the Vc corridor? The projects should also comply with the following conditions:. Pursuant to Art. Both mechanisms are designed to finance studies and preparatory works for future infrastructure investments.

Da die Kommission sich nicht mit hypothetischen Ereignissen befasst, kann Unterfrage 2 nicht beantwortet werden. In this context, could the Commission answer the following questions:. As the Commission does not speculate about hypothetical events, it is not able to provide an answer to sub-question 2. They are calculated for all EU staff, the share owed to UK citizens is not specified.

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Oggetto: Tutela della basilica cristiana rinvenuta nel lago di Nicea. In seguito a scavi archeologici nel lago di Nicea sono stati rinvenuti i resti di una basilica risalente almeno al d. As a result of archaeological excavations in the lake of Nicaea, the remains of a basilica dating back to at least AD have been found. Can the Commission therefore say whether and how it intends to monitor the preservation of the site by the Turkish authorities? The Commission follows closely issues related to fundamental rights, including freedom of religion and right to property.

In this respect, on all appropriate occasion, the Commission also encourages the Turkish authorities to ensure full respect for all property rights, including those of non-Muslim religious communities. The concrete issue raised however relates to culture rather than right to property.

Oggetto: Progressi della Turchia nell'attuazione di un quadro legislativo per una maggiore tutela dei diritti delle donne. Per quel che riguarda la partecipazione femminile alla vita sociale, politica ed economica, le donne continuano a essere sottorappresentate nelle posizioni decisionali del settore pubblico. Si osservano invece miglioramenti nel settore privato. La violenza contro le donne rimane ancora un problema serio e diffuso.

Le Roi Lion - L'amour brille sous les étoiles - Disney

As a candidate country, Turkey is required to comply with the acquis communautaire and undertake to respect human rights, including those of women. Can the Commission say whether Turkey has taken the measures called for in the resolution and, if so, can it assess the impact thereof? Can it indicate what progress has been made regarding the adoption of legislation for the more effective protection of women against all forms of violence, including domestic violence? An anti-discrimination and equality board has not yet been established. It carries out activities aiming to close the gender gap in economic participation and opportunities.

Women's civil society organisations and some local business organisations also made efforts to empower women. Regarding women's participation in social, political and economic life, women continue to be underrepresented in decision-making positions in the public sector. There is some improvement in this respect in the private sector. Three metropolitan mayor posts are now held by women. There are a total of shelters for women who are victims of domestic violence, with a capacity of Violence against women still remains a serious and widespread problem.

La Commissione ha annunciato oggi che saranno avviate procedure semplificate per facilitare l'ottenimento dei visti turistici a chi ne faccia richiesta. In una fase storica come quella attuale in cui terrorismo e immigrazione clandestina mettono a dura prova i sistemi di welfare e la sicurezza dei cittadini europei, la Commissione:. Con quali mezzi intende garantire che le richieste di visti semplificati per il turismo non nascondano intenzioni fraudolente come quelle del turismo del welfare o, peggio ancora, il terrorismo?

The introduction of simplified tourist visa procedures was today announced by the Commission. Given that European welfare systems and arrangements for the security of European citizens are coming under massive strain as a result of the terrorism and clandestine migration currently making their mark on our history:. How does the Commission intend to ensure that simplified tourist visa applications are not misused for the purposes of unscrupulous activity such as welfare tourism or, worse still, terrorism? The proposal, will facilitate travel for legitimate travellers, and prevent that procedures constitute an obstacle in themselves.

The Commission has designed the proposals in such a manner that security concerns are given specific attention and that the good functioning of the Schengen area will be ensured. According to the proposal, first time applications will undergo a thorough scrutiny whereas persons who have in a given recent period of time proved that they fulfil the entry conditions, incl.

The Commission would point out that the common visa policy covers short stays i. Oggetto: Fondi destinati alla Turchia in quanto paese in preadesione per il periodo Can the Commission give an estimate of the amount of funding to be granted to Turkey, as a candidate country, for the period ? Dopiero pod koniec tego procesu wydane zostanie ostateczne stanowisko Komisji. The Polish Foundation for Science FNP is independent, both financially and in terms of its organisation, from public finance bodies. Why is the Commission exposing such a reputable organisation to legal uncertainty, and possibly to the risk of financial consequences, when there are convincing legal arguments that establish that the FNP is not obliged to apply public procurement legislation?

Are the legal arguments used by the Commission informed by facts that are, in a subjective or objective way, identical or similar to the facts in the case relating to the status and activities of the FNP? Are these arguments sufficiently grounded in ECJ case-law? When carrying out the audit, did the Commission exercise due diligence with regard to checking the experience of external staff employed to carry out the audit? In line with Art. In this context the Commission carries out its' audit activities including audits of randomly selected operations. For the audit on the operational programme co-financed by the European Social Fund PLPO carried out in , the contradictory procedure is still on-going.

At present the Commission thoroughly examines all legal arguments, information and documents provided by the Member State including additional elements related to the Polish Foundation for Science FNP. It is only at the end of this process that the Commission's final position will be issued. Although each case indicated in the audit report is individual, the Commission is giving due consideration to the results of previous audits and ECJ case law in order to ensure the proportionality in its decisions and equal treatment of auditees.

The Commission attaches the utmost importance to the professionalism of its personnel. Up to now, no complaints have been filed with regard to the Commission's staff and external personnel carrying out audit activities in Poland. The highest professional and ethical standards apply to all personnel representing the Commission in the Member States and third countries.

One should emphasise, in this regard, that Bulgaria was seriously affected in by the wave of refugees escaping the conflict in Syria. The basic amounts allocated to Member States were calculated on the basis of the allocations received for the years under the European Refugee Fund, the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals and the European Return Fund.

The notion of sexual and reproductive health rights appears to be interpreted in varying ways in international treaties and national legislation. Can the Commission provide an analysis of how Member States interpret the notion of sexual and reproductive health rights? The World Health Organisation defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.

Reproductive health addresses the reproductive processes functions and system at all stages of life. Sexual and reproductive health is safeguarded by sexual and reproductive rights. In the Beijing Platform for Action it is stated that those rights are based on human rights of equality and dignity and include the right to be informed of and to have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of fertility regulation of their choice.

Member States are responsible for the definition of their health services policy and for the organisation and delivery of health services and medical care. As such, sexual and reproductive rights fall under the exclusive responsibility of Member States. The economic crisis has clearly affected the economy of all EU countries, but just as clearly, it has not affected them all in the same way.

In light of the conclusions drawn in the quarterly review, is the Commission planning new guidelines to help protect the most vulnerable sections of society against poverty? Does it believe that more extreme measures are needed to relieve the difficulties faced by thousands of families whose economic situation has further deteriorated because of tax increases? This is why reducing poverty is one of the five headline goals of the Europe strategy. It stresses the need for sustainable, adequate and well-targeted social provision to address poverty, alongside social investments enabling more Europeans to avoid the risks that can lead to poverty in the course of the life cycle.

In particular, it is working on the definition of a common methodology for reference budgets, to support Member States in providing adequate income support. This includes food, clothing and other essential items for personal use. This paper focuses on the hybrid writing of American authors of Hispanic descent in its double dimension as a process of translation and representation, and also as a process subject to other processes of translation and representation, including scholarly assessment and description.

It examines the problems and ideological implications of translating these translated fictions, inasmuch as this writing calls into question both traditional visions of literature and hegemonic translation models. This essay examines the role of translation in the redefinition of the relationship between authors and their respective national cultures, and in continuing discussions of gender, sexuality, migration and cultural identity in translation studies. This paper focuses on the figure of the interpreter as it appears in the visual images illustrating chronicles and other texts from the period of the Conquest of the Americas by the Europeans.

The fact that linguistic and cultural mediation was necessary for an understanding between the cultures is commonly absent from the records, as if direct communication had been possible between both sides-yet another fiction of the encounter. Based on the assumption that visual representations are valuable records to understand the perception of the role of interpreter in the past, we analyze six images of different cultural and ethnic authorship, painted between and The aim of the paper is to make a contribution to the task of building the history of interpreting, following a line of research which, as proposed in the conclusion, merits further exploration.

During the period when General Francisco Franco ruled Spain , official censorship kept a watch on all books that were published in the country. Key databases Film Studies. Media Studies. Subject guides Film Studies. Contact for help. Help Research help Subject librarians Disability resources Contact us.

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